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L'Arabique DJ Carmelle

I specialize in multicultural music and entertainment. People need music of their culture to dance and relax after a hard week of work. I open a window of culture through music for all cultures and provide entertainment for multiple cultures Spanish Flamenco, Mexican, Indian, Persian Brazilian, Tango, Latin, African, American 50, 60's and 70's, Country music, Jazz, Classical, Indian, and different types o​f middle Eastern music (Tabla, Dabke, Folk and modern). The goal is to bring more revenue to your restaurant by attracting a diverse crowd of all ages and taste to your business, have small gatherings for different celebrations, and provide entertainment to attract different cultures within Alpharetta and surrounding suburbs while remaining consistent and keeping your customers interested through social media to invite people to join in and have fun.

Carmelle "L'Arabique DJ" and "Talented Belly Dancer" Millie
Will Animate Your Middle Eastern Event

We are a dynamic Duo

Nutcracker 89.jpeg

Fez Restaurant Middle Eastern Dance

Small gathering with music at the Fez restaurant the entertained a large group of people. It was very a lot of fun. A mix of romantic and dancing tunes.

L'arabique DJ

Middle Eastern Parties Entertaiment

Lebanese, Persian, Israeli, Moroccan, and Saudi

 Music for the perfect entertainment

“I believe a DJ should engage their audience and play the music 

that entertains and bring back sweet memories.”

Carmelle Killick


Middle Eastern Soiree Program

As Guests come in - Instrumental Middle Eastern Plays


Tabla, Dabke, Music to warm up the audience for a few minutes.


Next, a mix of various Middle Eastern dancing music where the audience 

is entertained and encouraged to dance or sing. We acknowledge birthdays if any.

Romantic middle eastern Folk music for a few minutes​


The dancing continues. We end with romantic or instrumental.

Small Italian Party Celebration

Latin Party Salsa and Meringue Dance

Mexican Private Party at Lake Lanier

Kentucky Derby Party 

St Patrick's Day Dance

Private Middle Eastern Party

Private Tea Party (Classical music Waltz, Piano)

Toulouse French Group(Dancing and French Karaoke Night)

White Party DJ (Retro Music)

In House Piano Concerto with Pianist

IMG_ piano0819.jpeg

1950's Party

People in their Late 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's feel left out in the entertainment sector. If you are from the Golden Oldies generation with Frank Sinatra or Dina Ross romance you don't get to enjoy the good old time again. My goal is to revive this time and bring back old memories for this generation still alive and kicking.

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