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Teapot Rental

Are you Familiar with Blooming Tea?

Blooming tea comes in the form or a ball place it in a clear pot and let it bloom as it seeps just as you see it in the picture. Want to know more about Blooming tea or to purchase See Teavana website

Blooming Tea Pots For Rental

Yes it just blooms! right before your eyes!

Place your blooming tea ball in a clear pot, boiling water, cover and voila! something beautiful for your guest to enjoy. Victorian Rental has the blooming tea pot for available for rental.

Cairo Warmers for Rental

Victorian Rental has Cairo Warmers available for rent to keep your tea nice and warm at the table. Cairo Warmers can also keep your food warm

Individual Teapot Rental

Rent individual teapots and give each guest their own to brew the tea of their taste at the table. Individual teapots are chic and elegant and will enhance the tea experience.

Victorian Rental has multiple individual teapots for rent in any color or style. Your guests would be delighted to get their individual tea pots.

Individual tea pots are smaller holding just about 16 ounces of tea. You can place one in front of each guest and give them the luxury of brewing their own tea pot at the table.

Tea Infusers Rental for Loose Tea Leaf

Rent tea infusers for your guests to enjoy all natural tea. They will savor the difference the Victorian way


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