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 Baby or Bridal Shower Tea Party  

BoxSee Tea Party Rental" page as well

3-Tier Servers - Tea cups & Saucers -Ribbons- Feathers- Flowers- Vintage jewelry- Etiquette Flashcards - Rose Petals - Birds & Confetti - Cake Stands - Cupcake Coupons -Pearls - Aromatherapy cards, Golden Teaspoons etc

Rent placesettings for your Bachelorette Tea

Who will be the Butler

Ask your sexy husband or a friend to be the butler who will open the door as the guests arrive and pour the first cup of tea.

Let's face it, it's hard to ask a friend to be a butler or a maid instead of a guest, but maybe a family member would not mind to wear the outfit and be the server.

Tea With Marie Antoinette

Tea with Marie Antoinette is an excellent Tea party theme where the host dresses up as Marie Antoinette with the wig and the dress. Your guests will be delighted with the idea of stepping back into time.

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