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Roses Serviettes

Look like real Roses, wet and scented for guests

to wipe their hands

serves as a hand serviette and a décor for your tables.

Do you get it?

Scented Serviette that

Also Serves as a Table

Decoration any color,

 any shade is possible

Unique, adds elegance

 and class to your tables

They come in various scents and customized colors:

Cool to the touch, delicate, fine, refined

They are wet and scented

They are handmade, they feel fresh

They are made of an organic, light and delicate tissue paper.

The material is fine but strong, delicately colored, and shaped into roses. they are then refrigerated

They resemble natural flowers

They are not silk, but paper, soft to the touch, cool, enough to fool you, even after touching them.

Don’t tell your guests they are not natural let them find out when you invite them to use the scented roses as scented serviettes to wipe their hands after dinner, each of your guest will pick one for an unexpected surprise!

They come in various colors, blue, purple, orange, teal, green, black, white, navy,  or any customized colors, they can be used for the table, your wedding bouquet, and other decorations.

At the table they diffuse a delicate rose scent coming from the rose water they have been infused with. They are kept refrigerated for scent conservation and freshness.

They also come in


Lemon lime

Orange blossom



Unique, innovative, fresh, fun

A feast for the eyes

Used as a decoration

Used as a scented serviette at the end of dinner or reception

Come in all colors

Look like real roses

Diffuse a light aromatherapy scent in the room

Less expensive than real roses

Smells better than real roses

Can be warmed up in the microwave or cooled in the refrigerator

They last forever just spray with  a little rose water and they regain their color and freshness

Pigmented in a Moroccan method of coloring to obtain the vivid but right colors,